Statement of African American Physician, Imhotep
April 26, 2017


“The concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.”
George Orwell

To: Reverend Ronald Myers, Sr., M.D.
      Founder & President
      American Pain Institute (API)

I have a moral obligation to inform my congressional representatives that something extremely wicked is going on, in this nation, that we must bring to light, and inform the world. Clearly, this operation is a modified version of Cointelpro that is operationally designed to subvert and destroy. As you may or may not know, the DEA has turned the failed “War on Drugs” into a “War on Medicine”, a “War on Black Physicians” a “War on Immigrant practitioners” and a “War on Elderly doctors of medicine.” Although, many prominent, healers of every ethnic group, including many prominent whites, have been wrongly targeted, the burden of this covert operation has, again, been placed on the backs of innocent African Americans who have simply attempted to work hard and establish independent clinics to, serve the afflicted and to practice their skills, obtained through years of sacrifice and study. They simply chose to practice the Art and Science of Medicine. All of them, guilty or not guilty, boarded or not boarded, male or female, have been ensnared in a broken criminal justice system that offers no path to any justice, except for a coercive plea bargaining system which is nothing more than a “ forced confession” system that ultimately begins the process of attempting to turn good men into” low life drug dealers” by forcing them to surrender their constitutional liberties, in order to avoid the fatality of the minimum mandatory sentencing that is guaranteed to destroy their lives, on this earth. Plea bargaining, in light of minimum mandatory sentencing, is equivalent to forced confessions; it is not unlike having a gun to your head.

This is the criminalization of innocence. Those who dare exercise their constitutional rights, by refusing to lie to God and to themselves, are severely punished by heartless, unethical prosecutors, if convicted. And a conviction is practically guaranteed; in this broken criminal justice system that grants unlimited power to the prosecution, defendants are easily convicted without committing any heinous crimes. For many of the elderly physicians, this results in what are essentially death sentences, as these falsely accused physicians, by natural law, are in their sunset years. Therefore, they are like butter flies that fall prey, in the web of a rapacious spider. This is not the way of a civilized society but the law of a profane ungodly system that is doomed to fail. These innocent men are not felons but fell-ins; they simply fell into a trap of governmental corruption that completely ignores truth and constitutional correctness. They are political prisoners. Like heroin laced with deadly, fentanyl their prosecution is contaminated with racism, misogyny, ageism, ignorance and corruption. That corruption is revealed by the fact that during their raids, on private homes, they pocket cash and valuable items routinely, without reporting the take as forfeiture. They also, during the shock of the moment, lie to the unwary physician to surrender their DEA registration, knowing that this will lessen their chances of practicing even if exonerated in the future.

The case of Dr. Alen J Salerian, a well-known D.C. psychiatrist and humanitarian who provided free medical services and greatly reduced fees to low income areas of Southwest Virginia, demonstrates the policy of government encroachment on a physician of national prominence. He was a consultant to the FBI, an opinion leader for the FDA, a pioneer in neuroscience, a scholarly contributor to peer reviewed journals, a leader in performing transcranial magnetic stimulation and was at the forefront of discoveries relating to alzheimer’s and depression. With all of these outstanding credentials, the DEA agents, who are essentially federal police, with not much more than a high school education, determined that his prescription of certain narcotics, in certain dosages, were outside the relevant standard of care. Even if true, what is the moral justification to raid his home, shackle his wife and daughter, seize his patients’ medical records, his cars, properties and bank accounts? They seized, as they do all physicians who they attack, his assets by applying the “Drug Kingpin Statute”. This statute was designed to disable powerful large scale, violent drug profit empires. His assets were not returned and his family has been emotionally damaged despite the fact that they subsequently ended the investigation. These laws were not enacted to target elderly well respected, compassionate practicing physicians treating pain, addiction or mental health patients. This should have a chilling effect throughout the medical world and the Nation. He was saved from a worse fate, because he was well connected and people of prominence came to his rescue. It is reported that he was raped in his holding cell. Let this case serve as a prototypic paradigm of government cruelty and overreach on an elderly, distinguished white male physician. The point is this; If they would do that to a prominent white male, you should not have any reluctance in believing that distinguished African American physicians are being severely terrorized by the government simply for practicing medicine with zero heinous crimes committed.

The case of Lynn Webster exemplifies the institutional practice of “white privilege” in the racist application of federal criminalization of physicians that is causing death and destruction on all levels of medical care, in this tyrannical “War On Drugs”. Dr. Webster was of national prominence. He was a leading researcher and physician in pain management and past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine as well as Vice President of Scientific Affairs at PRA Health Sciences. In 2013, it was revealed that the DEA opened an investigation related to the overdose deaths of as many as 20 former patients at his Lifetree Pain Clinic, beginning in 2010. After the investigation concluded in June of 2016, the US attorney declined to prosecute the case. Webster acknowledged that as many as 20 former patients of his clinics died of opioid overdoses. This particular case demonstrates the power of white privilege, in that Dr. Webster came under the cross hairs of the DEA, as a result of an increased mortality rate among his patient population by overdose. He was never indicted. This is not to suggest that Dr. Webster caused any deaths. However, one overdose death simply associated with any black or immigrant physician’s practice typically results in no less than 30 years in federal prison: This is an example of discrimination and the weaponization of American law that is occurring in the US today. The following case shows the ultimate ridiculous extent that the DEA has gone to prosecute innocent parties and the power of corporate wealth, to resist injustice. In July of 2014, the DEA indicted FedEx for knowingly delivering illegal counterfeit drugs to a handful of recipients. The judge dismissed the case soon after opening arguments, calling it a novel prosecution of conspiracy/drug trafficking. In the legal world calling it novel is a gracious way of calling it bulls---.

These cases are very revealing in demonstrating the effectiveness of corporate power and white privilege in opposing injustice and were successful in minimizing the damage done.

The record shows that most innocent physicians of color and of foreign origin have been denied the supposed due process guaranteed by the constitution. This involves distinguished practitioners who are board certified in addictions and pain management with no associated overdoses, under their care, and no heinous, unspeakable crimes in the past or present. They are more likely to be denied a jury of their peers but have to stand before tribunals of bigots with a 97% plus chance of being convicted of heinous crimes. In contrast many, but not all, of the Caucasian doctors have engaged in personal drug use, prescriptions for sex, and elevated overdoses of their patient populations and yet have experienced better legal outcomes. Many, but not all, received better results than black physicians who had nothing more than sloppy charts. These facts can be supported by Michael Fogg, a former US Marshal and DEA agent, who was told not to enforce drug laws in white areas. He has remained out spoken on this issue and has participated in documentaries and interviews on CNN. We are seeking his support in our mission for justice. He is a black agent who was successful in filing a discrimination lawsuit against the justice department.

This is a very serious matter. It is bigger than fighting for the right to use a toilet or eat at a lunch counter as was done during the civil rights movement. This is about the right to Justice for innocent healers, justice for those who are addicted and justice for those patients in chronic pain. It is about the right to practice our profession according to the principles and theory of medicine, not the confused, misguided, oversight of angry, federal police. I must add that the American Academy of Addiction Medicine urges an end to interference with physician patient decisions on Addiction medications. It is about the right of every addiction and pain management physician, who applies for a waiver, to have full disclosure of all the laws that govern the handling of all scheduled medications to allow him or her, through informed consent, to decide if they want to risk their life and liberty, as they walk into this political legal minefield. At this point, it is important to familiarize you with the words of the conservative federal Judge Alex Kozinski,” There is a trend of bringing multiple counts for a single incident-thereby vastly increasing the risk of a life shattering sentence in case of conviction-as well as the creativity of prosecutors in hatching up criminal cases where No Crime Exist.” Therefore the incentive to plead guilty to some charge that will allow the defendant to salvage a portion of their life becomes immense.” Is it a wonder that the first 3 letters of the word death spells DEA? I will explain. At this time, we are challenged, not by racist civilians, but the weaponization of state and federal laws that promote and protect white privilege. Prisons for profit, mass incarceration and the outright murder of unarmed blacks at the hands of police for, wearing hoodies, jaywalking, failing to use turn signals, selling loose cigarettes and now life sentences for practicing medicine while black. The current behavior of the DEA is consistent with the “Tradewinds of Our Time.” Despite the fact that the CDC issued a report which clearly states that the opioid overdose, epidemic is caused by heroin laced with fentanyl and is purchased on the streets of America. The DEA continues to promote a false narrative by scapegoating innocent physicians in general and doctors of color, in particular. Consequently, the overdose rate continues to increase in the face of their self-serving policies. Patients who suffer severe intractable pain are committing suicide. Many doctors are ending their lives by suicide, as they are shocked into the reality that they have no path to prove their innocence, as promised by the Constitution, but are faced with sentences of up to 30 years. If not immigrant or black, many of these physicians are very old as they practiced medicine in the compassionate manner that was practiced, in the 20th century, before we became an authoritarian state. These cases are an insult to any person of intelligence. Who would decide in their sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth decade of life to decide to become a “Drug King Pin?” Yes. They recently indicted a doctor in his 90th decade of life. This is a definite symptom of a degenerate government. They seem to have some reason to choose the older physicians. They cannot speak out but quietly pass away. ”Dead Men Tell No Tales.” We vow to tell their story and avenge their deaths in due time. This dark cloud will pass and the Sun will rise as the people come to know the truth.

Dr. Imhotep: Psychiatrist and Addictionologist
National Advisory Board
American Pain Institute (API)


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